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Exit One Solutions, a leading PR and Marketing company based in Naples, Florida, has recently expanded their capabilities to include a Content Marketing department, offering a new and diverse set of creative services to clients.

Exit One Solutions is a full-service marketing, public relations, brand development and advertising agency that has primarily navigated the beauty industry with innovative ideas and fresh approaches. Clients have enjoyed the benefits of their services since 2003, and the company’s proven, successful track record has earned them many well-known clients of all sizes

The new Content Marketing area will be led by Renee Novelle. Renee joined the company in 2016, initially as the Manager of Communications and primary content creator. Now, she will be spearheading the new department as the Director of Content Marketing & Communications. She brings with her a strong background as a Design Editor for the publishing group TOTI Media, as well as the Editor-in-Chief for the online health/fitness magazine, beLegendary Magazine, after a 10-year career as a journalist. In addition to being a published author with 11 books to her credit, not including the dozens she’s ghostwritten for clients, Novelle also has vast experience in media relations, business development, project management, photography, and website development.

Content Marketing has been increasing in interest as both large and small companies look for inventive ways to promote their brand. In general terms, content marketing involves the creation and sharing of online materials like videos, blogs, articles and ebooks in a way that doesn’t explicitly promote the brand, but raises awareness and interest in its products/services while entertaining and educating the target audience. This approach allows for valuable, relevant content to attract a clearly-defined audience with the objective of obtaining an extended reach.

Under Novelle’s guidance, Exit One Solutions will now begin to offer a selection of articles, ebooks, print books, website content and design, creative materials, graphics and more.

“I’m honored by this new opportunity,” Novelle states, “and I’m very excited to watch this new department expand. The creative solutions we can offer both new and existing clients are virtually unlimited now.”

For full Exit One Solutions capabilities, visit today or call 239-598-0246 for a complimentary business review.

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